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Why We Use Containers For Storage

Do you need a place to store your excess home furnishings, business equipments, or business inventory? You can accomplish this with a Hanlin Solihull storage container that was once used as a shipping unit. These units are one of the best ways to create your permanent storage.
With the world economy turning south while the prices of almost everything is soaring high, turning an ordinary shipping container into a useable and comfortable storage container is very rewarding. It is also an ingenious idea.

Recycling the shipping containers can save the earth’s energy resources. A container that is 8000 pounds of steel requires 8000 kwh of energy to melt down. But if it is modified and turned into a campus studio, apartment, housing or any other type of shelter, will only take 400 kwh or 5% of electrical energy.

Rather than abandoning these large steel creation and destroying them-which can also damage the earth-engineers, architects and other experts are finding other use for these containers. In European countries, the shipping containers are compiled and constructed to build three or four storey campus housing, community housing, and apartment studios. Some are even turned into an office building. Due to their security and durability, our containers are the perfect storage solution for Hanlin Storage customers.

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